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About the #MMC13

January 8, 2013


It’s about time to talk about the German

MOOC Maker Course – #MMC13


starting 16th January to 22nd February 2013, thus running for 5 weeks.

The #MMC13 is an open Online course about how to design, implement and conduct an Open course.

The MOOC is designed for those

  • considering to apply this teaching method
  • wanting to collaboratively evaluate the MOOC experience
  • interested in trends in Open Education

Here is a link to the #MMC13 course website. The site is in German, but Google translation might help 😉  Hashtags at Twitter and Google+ are either #howtomooc or #mmc13. Even Stephen Downes and Georg Siemens, the forefathers of MOOC’s are involved. You can find a posting about the #MMC13 on Stephen’s blog.

So what’s the idea behind this course?

Dörte Giebel, Monika E. Koenig and Heinz Wittenbring developing right now a course design searching for project partners. The three deliberately decided to conduct that MOOC in German, to strengthen the discussion about MOOCs in the German-speaking area and to display already existing basic approaches and experiments here in Germany. They want to build a platform and network for experts (or those who want to become an expert  like me 🙂  to collaborate and support each other.


  • 1 week: When is a MOOC a MOOC
  • 2 week: MOOC didactic
  • 3 week: MOOC and OER
  • 4 week: MOOC business models
  • 5 week: MOOC howto handbook (as  Wiki)


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