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To MOOC or not to MOOC

January 17, 2013

Disillusion about MOOCs proliferates 😦

I ask myself  should I leave, or should I stay.


So what got my disillusionized? When I first heard via Twitter that two MOOCs, the OLDS MOOC and the MMC13 will start in January I was on fire. I was especially keen about the OLDS MOOC, because it is hosted by JISC, an organisation that I appreciated during my study with the OU, the MOOC has also roots to the OU and the topic

“Learning design for the 21st century curriculum”

raised my interest. 7 days later I am far less enthusiastic. The OLDS MOOC forums are quite overwhelming with hundreds of new post each day and plenty of new threads.  I thought I am quite capable to deal with that flood of communication, and the forum are just one communication tool, next to Cloudworks and other social media tools like Twitter, but I was disabused. I tried a couple of days to connect with other person  – I guess I did not try hard enough – and considering now how to proceed. The project ideas I read, that other people  introduced in the dream bazaar, all seem so professional, motivating myself to come forward with an own project. I know it is a poor excuse, but I repeatedly asked myself if I should invest my time in other activities, e. g. trying how pearltrees work, a tool introduced for the #MMC13 or thinglink works. These tools, especially thinglink seem to have potential to be applied in my teaching. I already have a couple of ideas how I could use thinglink and I am looking forward to try it out.

Yet, a day has only 24 hours and I would need at least 12 hours more a day to catch up with all the great developments in elearning.

Juggling timeThat means I’ll have to come to a decision and I decided against the OLDS MOOC, well at least being an active participant. I will take it easy and make the best out of it.

However, I will give the #MMC13 a try as it seems more manageable, time wise and regarding the number of participants. Well, let’s see how things develop.

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  1. I’m trying the MOOC too but am lost. I have some time to study independently so I have bought some books … and signed on for H809!!! There is the Learning Technologies Conference in London at the end of January and there is loads going on in the many Linkedin E-learning Groups. The best of these is eLearning Global Network.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      enjoy reading the books, I think you profit more from this activity. I loved H809, although I wanted to skip it first, but it was one of my favourite MAODE courses. After that course I even wanted to start over with my PhD, but it did not work out (so far).

  2. Norman Rhodes permalink

    Hi Sylvia, I think you are right, there is such a barrage of new learning technology being sent our way that one major task is deciding what is relevant and useful, and what is designed to farm benefit for the vendor.
    Thanks for your earlier help with advice about H807 by the way, I am through that now and starting H800 in a few days. The assistance you gave me was timely and very gratefully received.

    Good luck with the Phd…

    ATB – Norman

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