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OER Scavenger Hunt

April 17, 2013

Game-based approach to find OER

3d white humans running with a red human

The second online event approached this weeks topic with a great and funny game-based approach. Compliments to the course team for that great idea. Everybody who used a virtual classroom (VC) like Adobe Connect or e.g. OpenMeetings (OpenSource software) knows how boring it can be. The lecturer talks and presents something on the whiteboard, participants listen passively and make great use of the chat to kill the time ;-). It is the typical traditional classroom scenario. Yawn.

This online event demonstrates how  VCs can be used in an innovative, playful way.

After an initial introduction on OER resources, the scavenger hunt started. The participants (about 70) where simply divided in two groups by alphabet. The moderator briefly introduced various OER sites and asked question to be solved by the groups. The group who responded first in the chat with the right answer won a point. unfortunately I was in the team who lost, but ultimately I/we all won by acquiring new knowledge and getting to know the best search tricks.

Here is the link to the recorded  video (only in German) and without the interaction and fun of a live event.


You might be interested to read the article “How to get the most out of a MOOC” from Debbie Morrison, posted at the recently launched new website MOOC News & Reviews published and edited by Robert McGuire.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a terrific idea. Can you imagine the same thing in a MOOC? 50,000 students on a scavenger hunt? Not only would that be engaging, all that energy could be harnessed to do something truly productive. Imagine if 50,000 literature students were turned loose in the digitized journals of Elizabethan-era merchants. What kind of new insights might we develop about Shakespeare’s working environment.

    • I am sure that truly deep insights could be developed 🙂
      Finding the right answer within a certain resources and winning the point for the own group kept us busy and engaged. The institution which I part-time work for designs Online-Rallyes in an LMS (Olat comparable with Moodle) where the participants have to solve tasks, to achieve points. Those who reach expert level (requires a certain amount of points) are rewarded with an certificate, for MOOCs it could be a badge. The game-based approach is appealing and attracts many participants. Within an LMS, where points can be accounted automatically within a quiz, it might be possible to implement the scavenger hunt with 50.000 students. In case the MOOC team has to assess the results by hand, it will be pretty time-consuming 😉 However, it is worth to reflect and indeed interesting how a scavenger hunt could be part of a MOOC.

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