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Do all MOOCs follow the same pattern?

April 28, 2013

How does MOOCs work? What’s their pattern?

I thought I understood how MOOCs work, but the #COER13 which I am taking right now poses a riddle to me. I am not sure what’s going on, it is far to quite  with 990 registered participants, according to the COER13 Newsletter from April 14. The forum is hardly used, only a handful blog post converge into the COER13 website, the same counts for tweets. The only exceptions are the online events where around more than 130 participants joined the opening session, 90 participants competed in the scavenger hunt and still about 50 listened to experts invited for the second coer13 week – Seeking and Finding OER.

I am not sure whether I miss something or if there is indeed an early stagnation.

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According to my Survival guide that I wrote for the MOOC News & Reviews  MOOCs stagnate normally halfway through the course, not already in the first quarter. I experienced that pattern in most of my courses during my study and training and development. The initial hype, the stagnation in the second part and the final spurt towards the end.

The #COER13 is different, or?

I really need to follow my own advise and remind myself  what my initial aims are and focus on what you I am doing. My aim is to find out more about OER, how to find and/or develop an own OER, best in collaboration with others and find out how to license it under Creative Commons CC. So far I enhanced my knowledge about OER and improved my search skills. The next week two weeks starting tomorrow April 29, is dedicated for the OER development. Though it looked very good doing that in partnership with other health and care educators  – again silence. I am not sure whether they wait until development of OER officially starts. Not that I worked hard on that topic so far, I rather considered reusing and/or remixing something from my resources to license it under CC to offer it as OER. I hope I did not put somebody off, though I do not think this is the case.

Well, let’s see how things further develop and stay tuned to the COER13.

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  1. Interesting Sylvia – my impression is quite the opposite: with Forum entries, blog posts, fb group discussions and twitter I feel the discussion is not at all “too quiet ” but very lively . However, it is distributed over various communication channels which might make it appear less dense? On the otherhand all news are aggregated on teh news page on the course site. My co-organizer’s bias?

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