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Moodle MOOC

May 31, 2013
Image by Gerd Altmann, Public Domain CC0

First Moodle MOOC starts 1 June

MOOC are definitely addictive. Since I explored MOOCs around the world I would even need more time to join some more Open Online Courses. Yet, I decided on the Moodle MOOC starting tomorrow, 1 June.

I gave priority to the Moodle MOOC, because we use Moodle in school and thought I participated in several Moodle classes, I am far from being an expert. Moodle is such a powerful tool and with all the ongoing developments, there is so much more to learn.

That’s my goal for the Moodle MOOC, to get to know Moodle better, to hopefully learn new aspects of Moodle that I haven’t explored yet, and of course my  main objective – get to know other like-minded people from around the world.

Read more about the first Moodle MOOC on the Moodle News website or the WizIQ website. You may also want to watch the video

Here is an overview about the course highlights:

  • Moodle Layout (Activities, Resources, Blocks)
  • Creating Engaging Activities
  • Learning & Teaching Online
  • WizIQ on Moodle
  • Going Beyond the Moodle MOOC for Active Lifelong Learning

By the way, Open2Study, an Australian Open Online Course platform I just recently reported in the third part MOOC around the world, is using Moodle as well.

The only thing that seems first sight not compatible to me is how OpenSource Moodle and the commercial WizIQ fits together. However, I still need to get orientated and familiar with the new environment and find out more about the course, which I just recently stumbled over.

So stayed tuned to find out more about the

1st Moodle MOOC

  1. Anthony permalink

    uneOpen starts on 1July and is using Moodke also.

    • Thanks Anthony for the information. The UneOpen website looks really appealing, not the typical standard Moodle look, which I try to avoid. Did you use a certain theme, that you adapted? I hope I learn in the Moodle MOOC, besides other things, how to improve the look and feel of Moodle.

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