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OER – How to finance them?

June 4, 2013

The fourth #COER13 unit is about financing from OER.

You might want to watch the recording from the  Online-Event or view the Slide Share presentation from Martin Ebner.

The task for wOERer’s

Consider the cost for your OER. How much does it cost to develop and to provide them, what does marketing and public relations cost? What value (not necessarily monetary) can be achieved with the OER?

I can highly recommend Sonja Gerber’s post and the way she handled that task using the business model called EDA-Costs. Here the short version of her post, as it applies to my situation as well.

  • OER Development
    only my time (working or leisure) is required – no additional costs arise as I am not paid on an hourly rate from the school ministry. Whether I license them under CC and share my teaching material with other or use them on my own – the ‘costs’ are the same.
  • OER Provision
    I could upload my OER e.g. to a wiki again with no costs. Cost would arise for hosting an own domain.
  • Quality management / adaptationI constantly revise my teaching material before re-using it again to adjust it to a new teaching situation and new students. Again with no additional costs.
  • Marketing / PR
    I could imagine a little self-promotion via social media tools, again it just requires some of my time, but no costs arise.
  • Value of OER
    again I resort on Sonja’s blog post (thanks for the CC license 😉

      • Saving of time (for me using other OERs and for others who use my OER)
      • just for the fun of it and to learn something new
      • belief in the philosophy of collaboration, sharing and open content for everyone.

Hence, no additional cost arise for my OER.

However, financing looks different for educatinal institutions who offer OER or MOOCs, this year’s trend.

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