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Why can’t we have a standard for MOOCs?

June 6, 2013

3d human with a red question markDIN Norm for MOOCs?

The Moodle MOOC is my sixth cMOOC (well actually the fourth, if I substrate the two MOOCs that I haven’t finished) and one would imagine that after so many MOOCs I should become familiar with MOOC environments and know my way around quite easily. But, far from it! Again I struggle to get orientated in the Moodle MOOC environment.

New MOOC, new Challenge.

probably we should rename the MOOC into

  • M – ost
  • O – often
  • O – rientation
  • C – hallenge

So why can’t we have a standard for MOOCs?

A MOOC consortium, similar to the W3 consortium.  It would make things a lot easier, could save a lot of time, because after your second or third MOOC you are familiar with the MOOC environment. Probably that’s the reason why some people prefer xMOOCs over cMOOCs (read more about the different MOOCs in Debbie’s ‘Ultimate study guide to xMOOCs and cMOOCs‘), because when you take xMOOCs with e.g. Coursea the environment/platform stays the same.

But, would a standard platform for all MOOCs around the world be really desirable? Right now, where a procrastinate getting a start with the Moodle MOOC, already running behind,  I would definitely find it convenient. I could concentrate on the content and on collaboration and communication with others, instead of grappling with orientation tutorials, clicking here and there, going back again to read more instructions, etc.

The advantage is obvious, if you prefer the same old story 😉 Imagine, every platform I introduced in my ‘MOOC around the world’ series, published on the MOOC News & Reviews website, would use the same platform, follow the same pattern. I leave it up to you, to decide whether you would go for a  unified MOOC platform or prefer the uniqueness and the challenge of non-standardized MOOCs.

My decision is made, I go for variety, diversity and take on a fresh challenge with every new MOOC, though I posed that not  so serious question. As a MOOCoholic I simply cannot resist, I simply have to try them all.

Who can resist seeing all that colorful MOOCs 😉


Image by Erika Muth

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One Comment
  1. Hi Sylvia. I think the introduction of MOOCs is going to be great for the community, however, I see them as a supplement to higher education – not a replacement. The open courses (although run by some Ivy League and world class institutions) are not reproduction of the universities original course and do not offer academic credit or recognisable qualification. I think they will be around in the long-term future, but see their primary function being as a means of self-development. Because of these reasons, I don’t think there will ever be a ‘standard’ for MOOCs.

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