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#COER13 EVA-luation

July 12, 2013


About two weeks ago COER13, a cMOOC organized by with several partners officially ended. And I was able to add another completed MOOC on my list, with a score level at 3 all now, meaning three successfully completed MOOC vs. three MOOC dropouts 😉

OER-geraltImage by Gerd Altman, CCO adapted

EVA -luation Method

In school I often use a method called ‘EVA’ to evaluate teaching or internships, etc. The acronym has different meanings, but in this case EVA stands simply for evaluation.

eva_coer Image by Gerd Altman, CCO adapted

That crosses my mind …

I made it!  I successfully finished another MOOC 🙂

That was most important to me …

… to attain greater knowledge about OER. It was also important to remind myself  that though mainly free here in Germany, this is not the case everywhere. However, access to education should be open to all.

That’s what I did not like …

… that I could not connect with other to the same extend as I able at other MOOC I attended. I always emphasized the importance of collaboration and communication and that’s what I missed most in this MOOC.

That’s what I liked most …

I liked the COER videos most. They reminded me on the Commoncraft videos, which are great. The video’s are exploratory, engaging and done well. The whole collection can be viewed on Youtube, though they are in German.

I can take that with me / I learned …

I know a lot more about OER, how to find, create own OER and license them. It is not always necessary to reinvent the wheel.

Even Gilly Salmon the author of the popular book E-tivites: The Key to active Online Learning states that

“Today creating online courses is more about finding and adapting good OER than developing original content from scratch”

Robert McGuire from MOOC News & Reviews interviewed Gilly Salmon recently where they talked about her new book, her advise for students and her view about MOOCs. Anyways OER and MOOCs are somehow related and a lot of MOOCs, especially cMOOC are often licensed under CC BY SA.

What I am going to tackle …

Locate OER, adjust them for my own teaching and license own teaching material under Creative Commons.

A more detailed evaluation about the COER13 will be soon published  at MOOC News & Reviews.

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