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L3T – The Wisdom of Crowds and how it can be used to write a book in 7 days

July 21, 2013


L3T stands for ‘Textbook for Learning and Teaching with Technology’

The prizewinning textbook comprises 50 chapters, produced within 10 month from 115 authors and 80 reviewers. The book is free and open available since February 2011 and has until now more than 200.000 downloads. Here is a link to the actual version (so far only available in German )

However, the textbook is believed to require revision and new chapters should be added.

That’s where the L3T 2.0 project starts.


L3T 2.0 in 7 days?!

The editors want to explore new avenues of collaboration by applying James Surowiecki’s ‘The Wisdom of Crowds’ principle. Surowiecki writes in his same-named book published (2004) about the aggregation of information in groups and he argues that

“the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations”

Is L3T 2.0 a MOOC?

L3T 2.0 is not a traditional MOOC, but definitions about MOOCs blur anyway (you might want to read Juliana Marques article What is a Massive Open Online Course Anyway? MN+R attempts a definition) and thus L3T could be considered in a broader sense as a blended-learning or hybrid cMOOC.

Talking about MOOCs L3T also participated in the “MOOC Production Fellowship” contest, hosted by Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and iversity. (This is the German MOOC platform I reported in my first part of ‘MOOC Around the World, published at MOOC News & Reviews). The contest sought to identify ten innovative concepts for massive open online courses (MOOCs). L3T participated in the contest, but unfortunately did not make it under the top ten, though they received a lot of votes.

L3T-Camp We write a book in seven days - come on in.

L3T-Camp We write a book in seven days – come on in.

So called L3T-Camps will take place at universities and academic institution in Germany and Austria from the August 20 till 28, 2013. The camps are regional contact points for those who do not want alone from their workplace or at home but want to meet with other project supporters. However, online cooperation and communication is also possible.

Locations of L3T-Camps in Germany and Austria

Locations of L3T-Camps in Germany and Austria

The editors are looking not only for authors, but also for reviewers, lecturers, art editors, curators, bloggers and those doing public relation, taking and edition photos and those who check the CC licenses.  The new version L3T 2.0 will be licensed under CC-BY-SA Creative-Commons, which allows modification of the content for an even more flexible application in teaching.

For more information vistit the L3T Project Website where you can also apply for a job. Come on in and work actively on the new L3T 2.0 version.

PS. Here is the English version of the L3T 2.0 website using Google translation.

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