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7 Reasons to take a Course with iverstiy

October 2, 2013

Iversity logo

Why you should take a course with iversity

  1. It is a German MOOC platform and as a German I have to support it 😉
  2. The courses are free – you just need to create an account and enroll for courses
  3. among the 24 courses that will start soon are the ten winning entries of the MOOC Production Fellowship contest
  4. Course language is German (9 courses) and English (15 courses)
  5. Courses (MOOCs) are offered  by respected professors and renowned universities that are accessible for everybody
  6. Teachers can produce their own Open Course with the help of iversity
  7. MOOCs are fun and promote lifelong learning 🙂

You might want to check out my favorite course “Design 101 (or Design Basics)” with Stefano Mirti.

“Design 101 is a journey into contemporary design in which you will transform yourself and your everyday life into 101 projects.”

I gave the course my vote in the MOOC Production Fellowship contest as I loved what I saw and read in the course description and I already signed in. The course starts October 28, 2013 and end on January 29, 2014.

In case I raised your interest follow the link and sign in for free.

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