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Third time lucky with Moodle MOOC

October 3, 2013


Moodle, Moodle, Moodle MOOC – M3M

This is my third attempt to finish a Moodle MOOC. It is always the same old story with the dropout and I should really follow my own advice and think about my time and my motivation. There is no problem with my motivation, as a relative new Moodler I really want to know more about how to make best use of Moodle, to learn more about the features and how to create engaging Moodle courses.

Image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

Image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

However, I have a problem of time. I know it is all about time-management, but the day has only 24 hours and how do you fit in the work as a full-time teacher, working part-time for the local university, writing for MOOC News & Reviews and my own blog, successfully finishing  #COER13 MOOC, reviewing a book for Packt Publishing, keep up with new developments on Twitter and other social media and so on.

Moodle MOOC 2 on WizIQ

However, there is a new chance with Moodle MOOC 2 on WizIQ which started October 1st and runs the whole month. And the good thing is the fall holidays just started, giving me no excuse to dropout again 😉

For those interested to join in, please follow the link to Moodle MOOC 2. The theme for the course is interpersonal, active learning.

The Moodle MOOC 2 follows the classic description of a MOOC.

  • M = Massive – With about 2508 learners this MOOC is truly massive.
  • O = Open – this course is free and open as it has no application requirements. Only a username and password is needed.
  • O = Online – participants require internet access
  • C = Course – The MOOC has a starting and completion point (1 – 31 October, 2013) and to receive a certificate of completion you need to be actively engage in discussion, attend all and/or view the recordings of all the sessions, reflect and write about the live sessions and share the link of their activities.

Moodle MOOC experience

Image by FutUndBeidl via Flickr

Image by FutUndBeidl via Flickr

I am still in the orientation stage and try to find my way around the new environment. But I’ll be back to report more about my Moodle MOOC experience 😉

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