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Why is the first step always the hardest?

October 5, 2013

Confused and disoriented

Image (adapted) from PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Image (adapted) from PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Having participated in quite a lot of MOOCs, I really thought that orientation in a new environment would become easier. Yet, it proofed wrong.  But, didn’t I say in my article Don’t be a MOOC dropout “Start early enough and orient yourself in advance”. Well …, but I also said that you should take it easy and I will follow at least that advice of mine 😉

Picture of a cow and the words Moodle MOOC

First badge

However, I finally found my way to the Moodle course for Non-Beginners, started to communicate in the course feed and the M4NB (Moodle for Non-Beginners) and achived my first badge for “Moodle Experience”.

Well, that was easy, but I it looks like the other badges are not achieved so easily.

Participants have to view 10 of the live online classes on WizIQ and/or recordings and reflect in the glossary. We are asked to describe the content of the session, our thoughts on the topic, and what we’re going to do as a result. Yet, to achieve a certificate of completion

“Participants, who are active on the coursefeed (discussions), attend all and/or view the recordings of all the sessions, reflect and write about the live sessions and share the link of their activities (blog, wiki, Moodle, Facebook and other social networks) will be eligible for a certificate of completion. This aspect of the MOOC is ongoing, but time-based. The due date for the reflective practice is October 31, 2013”.

I wonder how much classes will there be during the month as three classes already took part, three others are scheduled for the next couple days, which makes already six classes until October 12 and still two and a half weeks to go in October. Let’s see.

Let’s get started

One step after the other. And we all know the first step is the hardest and the others are a lot easier.

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