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#COER13 Badges Rewarded

October 7, 2013


COER13 wOERker Badge

The reward for about three-month active participation at the COER13 MOOC which took part from beginning of April to the end of June. To achieve a hOERer (listener) badge  participants had to go through the material, follow discussions and attend two online events or watch the recorded events. A wOERker had to complete all those hOERer requirements and also actively participate in three topics by making their own contributions, completing two tasks and/or writing a summary of one of the topics. Badges where rewarded to “hOERer” and “wOERker” participants who successfully finished the assigned tasks.

You can read more about my experience by using the menu ‘MOOC’ and choose #COER13 or read my COER13 evaluation on MOOC News & Reviews.

Though it is nice to get rewarded with a badge, the most valuable part was to learn more about Open Educational Resources (OER), to raise the own awareness and hopefully those of others about OER and the different forms of Creative commons licenses.

MOOC community

MOOCs, especially cMOOCS  are also about collaboration and communication. the “c” of connectivist could also stand for community MOOC. Already Wenger and Lave (1991) considered a group of people who have a common interest in a particular are with the goal to gain knowledge, as “Community of Practice” (CoP). Community members can develop personally and professionally through the process of sharing information and experience. Sounds pretty much like what Stephen Downes and Georg Siemens had in mind with their cMOOCs.

MOOCs are a great way

  • to acquire (new) knowledge
  • to get to know like-minded people
  • to share experiences with others
  • to receive badges 😉

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