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2 out of 101 Design Basics

October 30, 2013

Welcome back to Design 101

You really have to love this MOOC 🙂 Each day we receive a very creative, funny  postcard-video with our homework. Normally homework is nothing that you want to do, but with this great presentation you are eager to start right away. As a teacher I should consider to design the homework as well in such a creative way to activate my students 😉

Design 101 -

Design 101 –

Yesterdays homework was to ask a friend to take a portrait picture of ourself and then to take one of ourself. Additional we were asked to make a sketch out of the portrait.

A sketch!

Horror, me and drawing a sketch, a no go. But, after what I heard in the video postcard:

“They don’t have success unlike they have fun what they are doing. To conquer your fear, do not sit at home, get out and get busy. “

I thought I’ll better get busy and open my gimmickry. I thought about what I did as a kid and copied from a photo and finally altered it with an image editing program. Here is the result.

Sylvia-Sketch_s Munch_thescream scream-scary-movie-mask

However, it somehow reminds me on Edvard Munch’s painting “The scream” or “Scary Movie” 😉

Taking a photo of myself wasn’t the problem, thanks to the self-timer of the camera. I edited it additional with Photoshop using an art filter.


Well, homework 02 finished. Not necessarily the work of a designer, but I tried. If you want to see far better photos and sketches, it’s still time to sign in Design 101 and take a look yourself.

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