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3 out of 101 Design Basics

November 1, 2013

Homework 003

Today you are a bird. Take a sheet of paper (maximum A4 size) and represent yourself in a three-dimensional object.

Design 101 - Homework 03,

Design 101 – Homework 03,

My origami crane watching the video


How to build an origami crane

Design 101,

Design 101,

Let me tell you, folding the crane took some doing. I was completely lost with the instruction provided by the daily letter, though I have to admit the fault was absolutely on my side. Fortunately, there are a lot of video tutorials out there which helped my to finish my origami crane. As always it was fantastic to see how all the other participants did and how they translated the homework. My absolute favorite was a tissue crumpled into the form of a bird, real art and a nice interpretation of the homework 😉 Unfortunately, I could not retrieve the post from more than 100 pages, that’s the bad news doing that course with another 27.000 participants.

Letter of the day

The daily letters not only give instructions what to do, but they tell stories and provide good advice. Below is an extract from our third letter, that really moved me.

Design 101,

Design 101,

Design 101,

Design 101,

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