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5 out of 101 Design Basics

November 4, 2013

Homework n. 5

Learning in Mali. Greetings from Bamako. Today’s task is to make a mask the represents me.

Design 101 -

Design 101 –

Question of the day: “Am I able?”

The answer is sometimes yes, sometimes no. At this dark and grey time of the year I feel increasingly unable 😦

Design 101 -

Design 101 –

As the idea with Paul Munchs “Scream” was already used by another participant I had to think about something else that represents me, something more positive. This is how I came up with my idea for a “mask”.

I’m definitely a summer person. I love the warm weather, I love all kind of water sports and I love to be out in nature and I also love that the days are so long, giving you the possibility to be more active. That’s how I came up with my summer mask consisting of butterflies and a flower. Later on I thought I could have also put on my diving goggles and my snorkel. Well, next time 😉

My Summer-Mask



Design 101 -

Design 101 –

  • Well, because this is our homework 😉
  • it facilitates creativity
  • it enables conversation
  • It’s fun

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  1. And it suits you! It’s really beautiful. Reminds me of our meeting in Heidelberg on a hot summer’s day. Bravo.

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