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11 out of 101 Design Basics – The visual recipe

November 7, 2013

Homework n. 11

Design 101,

Design 101,

Question of the day: Is it a product or a process?

Cooking is both. Cooking is a process, which is most fun doing it with others. The kitchen is for me the most important place in the house, the center of the house. It’s a eat-in kitchen with chairs centered around the cooking area. But its great fun, even if I do the cooking, so to say front-cooking I can still chat with my friends.  Cooking results of course in a product, and it is true that when the process is good the product is often good as well, or you try again, because practice makes the master.


Lat week we were asked to share a picture of our recipe. I guess I misunderstood something, but seeing the great designed recipes from others inspired me to the visual representation of my Chelsea buns.

This Thursdays task is to represent the recipe in a visual and interesting way. Having discovered Vine, a cool recording app I thought that might be an interesting idea.  I even used Vine recently for an application. The free version gives you 6 seconds  and if you already think that 140 signs in Twitter is tricky, then try Vine, its real fun 🙂

Follow this link to watch how I prepare coleslaw. In case you cannot watch it please access the short vidoe on my Twitter account.


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