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14 out of 101 Design Basics or how to be good not famous

November 10, 2013

Homework no. 14

Design 101,

Design 101,

Question of the day: To be famous or to be good?

Sure, being famous sounds inviting, but …

Design 101,

Design 101,

If you’re still convinced you belong to the 30 people you might want to watch the video “Fields of Gravity

Design 101 understands design as a way to become good, not a way to become famous.

Todays homework

Today’s homework is to observe what I did the last two weeks. What I enjoyed most and why, and which homework came out best.

I don’t have to think hard which homework I enjoyed most and what homework came out best. It’s the cooking homework. In the first week we had to take a picture of our favourite recipe and in the second week we had to visualize the recipe where I used the app Vine to achieve that. Why, did I enjoy that? Well, it’s obvious, because I am good in cooking and baking, but I have great room for improvement when it comes to sketches 😉

I loved watching the video postcards and reading the corresponding letters. Simple, but very impressive. You have to admire the creativity. The bad news is the great number of people makes it difficult to get to know each other and to view all the great contributions from 30.000 peers. But we’ve still got a long way to go, which gives me time to improve communication and collaboration. So far, the best way to get in contact with others is using Twitter. Facebook is also used, but I don’t like it 😉

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