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15 out of 101 Design Basics – My diary

November 11, 2013

Homework no. 15

Design 101,

Design 101,

Monday is quiz day and I must tell you this time it was tough and I wanted to score better than last when I ended up with 4 points out of 10. But we are here to learn, to improve and to become able, aren’t we 😉

My Diary

Barcelona Park Güell

Barcelona Park Güell

This week is labeled “My Diary” and all the task have something to do with notebooks and diaries. It’s amazing how many people in the Design 101 MOOC still use (handwritten) notebooks. I love notebooks and you can buy really nice ones in some stores. However, I associate diaries with something you write in your teenager time, well, this applies at least for me. I used to write a diary at this time, but gave up pretty soon. However, I still write a travel log and it’s very interesting to come back and browse them.

Year ago I attended a course where I learned how to make notebooks, folders or nice boxes. I loved it, but somehow there is less and less time and it fall into oblivion. Yet, it’s even more fun to use a DIY notebook instead of a notebook you buy in a store.


Mini books

Last school year I started with a minibook that my students had to fold and then use it to take their notes. You may want to watch my video, though the instructions are in German. But, it’s really easy and even if you cannot follow my instructions you see what I do and can reproduce it. Here are two how-to manual (German) and one in English you might find also helpful.

Have fun 🙂


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