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23 – 25 out of 101 Design Basics – More Kitchen Stories

November 23, 2013

Homework no. 23 – 25

23_101     24_101     25_101

This week is devoted to the kitchen and we are asked to cook a meal three times.

  1. for myself
  2. for three guest
  3. for my Mom or a very close friend

I’ll have to admit that my guest will come next week and I did not cooked my meal three times in a row, though I cooked at least three times and had guest at my house. Design 101 is a pretty demanding course, though the most interesting I ever joined, and it’s not easy to complete each days task. Although we are asked to spent just on hour on each homework, it is almost impossible to achieve, considering that you not only accomplish the task, but also connect with others which is a very important part. Regognizable is the fact, that the number of activie participants greatly dropped. I’ll give you some numbers. Each day you have a homework page where we are asked to upload our homework. During the first week we had more than 90 pages full of posts from participants, each page containing about 10 posts. That would mean 900 active participants, but still about 26.000 lurkers, considering that we started with 27.000 participants. Since week three numbers decreased and depending on the homework less than 10 pages, hence less than 100 people actively post their homework, confirming somehow the high MOOC dropout rates. Well, so far I am following my own advise not to become a MOOC dropout 😉

Kitchen Ingredients

On Thursday we were asked to present the ingredients we need to cook our meal. Inspired by the great ideas from my peers I came up with this idea.


Kitchen tools

Same recipe, different task this time to present the kitchen tools. I wanted to follow the idea I had with the ingredients, but the pot was a little to heavy to achieve that.



Food arranging


I like to please my Mum and she likes especially my baking. Hence I changed the task a little and served her the Sacher Torte with coffee.


More Kitchen Stories


In my last post I announced to tell you why you’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties, for several reasons.

  • because of my cooking skills I am often asked to help out in the kitchen which I don’t mind
  • in the kitchen you are at the source, so why give that up 😉
  • I’m not what you call a party animal and I love to retreat in the kitchen.
    I still remember that I voluntary put my hands up to do the dishes, simply because I had problems to follow the conversation of my American friends and hence escaped in the kitchen. I still help out in the kitchen, not because of communication problems, but for the reasons above. Funnily I made a real impression with my (in)voluntary work in the kitchen at my American friends house. It’s always a funny (kitchen) story to tell and to see how things started more than 14 years ago.

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  1. Those hanging ingredients are a real winner! Fabulous!

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