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26 out of 101 Design Basics or the Design of a Sacher Torte

November 23, 2013

Homework no. 26

Design 101,
Design 101,


Todays task is to bake a Sacher Torte. A cake that consists of two layers of dense chocolate sponge with a thin layer of apricot jam in the middle, coated with dark chocolate icing. I searched my cook books until I came up with a recipe, actually I came up with about five recipes and decided for the one you see below.

26aDid you know who and how the Sacher Torte was invented? No, then you might want to read the story from Franz Sacher and how he ended up to design a desert for Prince Metternich.

Sometimes pressure can open undreamt-of possibilities, but sometimes it blocks good ideas. Well, considering the unbroken worldwide success from the Sacher Torte it seems that in Franz Sacher case pressure worked fine for him.

Fortunately, I had less pressure, though I messed up the recipe a couple of times and it came out far to dense, less than a sponge more like a stone. I definitely wanted to avoid this, but it came out pretty good. The little people on top of the cake, my pandas are less creative, but you cannot be good in everything 😉

Sacher Torte Presentation

Sacher     P1020766     Sacher_people1

To remember


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  1. Looks absolutely delicious!

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