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29 – 33 out of 101 Design Basics – What did I learn from the other students?

November 29, 2013

Not a single Homework no. 29 – 33

29    30     31    32     33

I always find it funny how quick I adopt the role of a student. Instead of being totally disappointed that I have no specific task to accomplish this week, hence no chance to enhance mit limited knowledge about design, I am quite happy to have a week off . Shame on me 😉 But, it’s good to put myself in the shoes of my students to understand them a lot better. Well, lesson learned.



  • I learned a lot of good recipes29a
  • I learned a lot of innovative ways to translate the same homework into so many creative outcomes
  • I learned not to compare myself with others (well I am still working on that 😉
  •  and I hope to learn a lot more from my peers

However, I still wish for more communication which I experienced with other MOOCs. But, probably on Facebook or other SNS more is going on. Compliments to the wonderful course team, which work miracles and design so awesome videos and letters XXXOOO


More things I learned from my peers:30

  • To be kind when commenting on other people’s design
  • to appreciate all comments and feedbacks from peers, because they help me to improve
  • to stand to the own design, although it might be far from perfect
  • to be honest, only passing of the own design
  • to take the time and visit the last page to see the hidden treasures from others


I am getting so used to our weekly cooking/baking day, that I decided to bake a Christmas Stollen today. The Christmas season begins on Sunday with the first Advent and the Stollen should let rest for about two or three weeks, hence they will be ready for Christmas.


Today we are asked to remember that a designer questions everything. Well, I actually don’t want to add more fuel to the fire, but I cannot help myself wondering how quick, with a sophisticated design some of my peers finished their daily work. But didn’t we learn that design is organizing time and things 😉 I guess I can learn that from my peers.

Thursday iron_flower-bird

I learned from my peers that nobody has to hide in this course with her/his design. All off them are beautiful, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Todays motto is Flower Power and here my iron Flower-bird watching over my dandelions.


That I need to make greater use of my sketchbook, though I use my blog here as a diary to document my experience and homework for Design 101.
I also learned that arts and crafts is great fun and that not everything can be done with a technical device, e.g. a computer. Therefore I started to design my own DIY wooden Christmas tree. I found the idea on pinterest and when I recently cut my bushes in my backyard I kept a couple of branches and linked them today to Christmas tree. It’s not finished yet, it still needs some decoration. I’ll keep you posted.

Wooden_Christmas     Neon_Christmas

PS. Always worth watching it – the great Design 101 videos, but you also might want to take a look at Belinha Fernandes “Celebrating one month of Design” slideshow.

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