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36 to 40 out of 101 Design Basics – It’s alive

December 10, 2013

Homework no. 36 – 40

Did you know that design is alive and helps you to grow food. No, then continue reading and find out what design and gardening has in common 😉

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It’s alive

This, well last week was labelled “It’s alive”.  Actually a very interesting challenge to grow your own food in an indoor garden.


Sure, I did grow herbs in my kitchen, but mainly I bought the herbs e.g. basil, parsley or chives in a small pot and put them on the window sill. A couple of years ago I did grow sprouts and had a special container where you could rinse them. And not to forget the avocado seed, but I never had them long enough to actually grow an avocado.  That’s about all that I tried to grow indoor so far, because traditionally gardening takes place outdoor. Well, I guess that might be an outdated opinion viewing that images from micro-garden.

It’s amazing how easy you can actually design a home garden. My personal favorite are the plastic bottles and they would nicely fit on the window sill. I consider growing some herbs, probably lettuce and/or chard. I read that kale should grow indoors as well, but as far as I know does kale need the cold, similar to Brussel sprout to develop the full flavor. Growing stevia would be interesting, though I am not sure whether I will get some stevia seeds here in Germany. Remembering the following statement, I think that a little bottle garden should be achievable, not too much, but also not too little.


Getting seeds during the winter time is in general difficult as the garden season normally runs from spring until fall. With a couple of exceptions, like corn salad or mache, the sprouts or kale nothing really grows in the cold and it seems that indoor garden are not so common. That’s one reason why I might not be possible to achieve this weeks objectives, but another other reason is my limited time last week. However, probably we’ll have another week off, which given I’ll get some seeds, I would be able to catch up and grow my own food. A nice idea hearing about all the herbicides and fungicides polluted vegetables. And one thing is for sure, homegrown vegetables are a lot tastier than purchased ones.


A good advice, especially the last part “keeping them alive” 😉

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