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57 to 63 out of 101 – Christmas greetings

December 30, 2013

This week was pretty relaxed with no real homework, just questions to think about and an introduction to a lot of games, like Go, Chess, Mahjong, Tangram, Pairs or Snakes and Ladders and no quiz 😉

Monday started with our Wish List

You might have seen this video from an airline who answered all the wishes from their passengers. A great idea and an airplane ticket to a lovely, warm destination would be on my list as well.

Tuesday – Christmas Eve

It’s indeed true that Mahjong is like organizing a Christmas Eve dinner, which requires skill, strategy, calculation and a certain degree of chance. Well, everything went smooth, meaning that I could be a good Mahjong player. I used to play this game and loved it very much. I  should find an app for my smart phone to play it again, a wonderful diversion.

Wednesday – Buzz! Buzz! Blink! Blink!

explorer-KSCGreetings from Outer Space and something to remember:

Design enlarges our horizon and is not restricted to earth alone but infinitely 😉

Thursday – How are things these days?

After all the feastings during the holidays, I do not only need some brain-teasers, but some good physical exercises to get rid of all the additional calories. However, if you prefer the brain-teasers try Tangram or the Magic cube I suggested.

2013-12-27 13.16.11  2013-12-27 13.28.41

Friday – How good is your memory

Let me tell you, when playing pairs with a child I always lose big time. At the beginning you think give the child a chance, but actually they do not need any consideration, because they have an excellent memory. But, what does that tell me about my memory?

A special course instructor remember me game.


Saturday – A journey with a tent? How would your own tent be?


Cacoon-hanging-tree-houseYou have to love these tents, They are like hammocks just with a roof to protect you from too much sun and/or rain. Plus, they are easy to set up. I would just need to grow a tree in my garden, big enough to hold a tree tent 😉

You might want to take a look at some other well designed tents.

Sunday – What is your absolute gift?

Similar to the wish list from Monday I can only say “That money cannot buy love” respectively friendship. Therefore, people who care for you are the absolute gift and probably my statement of participation I received today 😉

I wish you a healthy, joyful and prosperous

Image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

Image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

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