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64 – 70 out of 101 – Making things

January 6, 2014

Cardboard Vases


And here are my vases out of thin and thick cardboard.


It is true, that we grow with the challenges.

When, I first when I read this week is about making vases I was not so excited about the task. My problem is to reinvent things, to be creative and innovative. I know that is not always possible, but I don’t want to simply copy ideas . However, that is quite tricky. I was greatly amazed to see e.g. on Google image search or on Pinterest how many vase designs out of cardboard you can find. So how to come up with something different?

The organic design from  Alvar Aalto’s Iittala vase reminded me on the report about dynamic design I once watched on TV.  David Fisher dynamic skyscrapers inspired my to my first vase out of thin cardboard.

Green-skyscrapers-Dynamic-006  small_1

The next vase was even tougher. Let me tell you why. The day before, I just came up with one design and now I had to design a complete different vase. I really wonder how designer accomplish that – creativity at the touch of a bottom. Designers all over the world you have my full respect.

Coming back to the second vase. Design101 told us that we have to work under pressure and to tackle challenges and it worked (at least this time ;-))

I thought about my skills and came up with weaving. It’s quite a while ago since I did that the last time, but I also remembered that it can be done with different materials, e.g. cardboard. I thought give it a try. And here you can see my process.

small_2   small_3

Looking forward for next weeks design challenges.


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